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Leading Attractions for Cyclist Spain / Mallorca

Leading Attractions for Cyclist Spain / Mallorca

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As a Cyclist Spain / Mallorca, there are many beautiful plains, mountains and monuments to explore on this island surrounded by deep blue waters. The Puig de Randa is one of the most popular pilgrimage places on the island. It is the firs hermitage on the island found by Ramon Llull in the 13th century.

Nowadays, most of the pilgrims to the Puig de Randa are holiday cyclists who come here seeking a challenge as much as the religious importance of this place. You can reach the summit through a winding road that leads to 3 different hermitages. Oratori de Nostra Senyora de Gracia is the lowest of these hermitages, which is balanced on one of the ledges of the cliff with a deep 200-meter drop.

When you ride a little higher, the second hermitage is the Santuari de Sant Honorat and the third one, and the highest is Santauri de Cura. Llull lived in this third hermitage. You can see the original manuscripts of Llull at the Sala Gramatica before moving to the terrace to get spectacular views of the Palma Bay, the plains and the Cabrera island far away in the deep blue water.

Similarly, there are several other historical monuments on the island that are increasingly attracting holiday Cyclist Spain / Mallorca. Because this Mediterranean island has a mix of culture, it is not difficult to come across another splendid building at almost every roundabout.

Cycling gives you a relaxing and cost-effective way to explore the leading attractions on this quaint little island that is decked with the most beautiful plains and mountains. Plan your holidays alone, as a couple, a family or with friends. Because Mallorca holds several professional cycling events, and is visited by leading professional teams for training camps, it is also considered as the cycling hub of Europe. Make sure to plan your next holiday on this beautiful Spanish island.