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New Strategies for Effective spanish SEO

New Strategies for Effective spanish SEO

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Google’s algorithms and the behavior of users are changing at a rapid rate. The dynamics of SEO in Spain have changed and there are new metrics to be followed if you want your website to generate the desired traffic.

You cannot any longer focus on those “fat head” keywords because they wouldn’t yield the desired ROI. It is required to focus on more keywords that would send web traffic to your site instead of improving the position of a few keywords. This has come to be called keyword portfolio.

The next new strategy in spanish seo is to create content that is directed towards solving the problems of your target audience. If you find it difficult to create new content with better ideas, you can rather focus on solving your customer’s problems. This would involve using your expertise to create white papers and how-to guides. A business is more about solving customers’ problems than just selling out to them.

The next new strategy SEO in Spain strategy is to publish your quality content on reputed sources. The recent Penguin update reduced the importance of the content published on low-authority websites. This included content farms, low-quality sites and several PR sites. In fact, ranking on Google results has come to become something like applying for a job and your references are the key to get you up there.

You should now focus on getting references from well trusted niche websites, and the ideal places for publishing your content are industry organizations and trusted communicates. Above all, this needs to be done on a regular basis.

The next new spanish seo strategy is to promote your content through social media. You can promote the content from your website and the content published on other trusted websites. The advantage of social media networks is that you can reach millions of people in a short period of time. More importantly, the leading search engines have also admitted to making use of social signals for their ranking algorithms.