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Why Cycling holidays Spain / Mallorca are So Popular?

Why Cycling holidays Spain / Mallorca are So Popular?

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Mallorca is considered as the hub of cycling holidays in Spain for a number of reasons. It offers amazing leisurely rides for which professional cyclists and amateurs flock into the island from around the world. If you want to increase your cycling fitness, the terrains of the Tramuntana mountains offer the ideal playground to practice your cycling. This mountain range stretches across the western part of the Mediterranean island.

Even though the cycling season starts in February, you can still come for Cycling holidays Spain / Mallorca during the winter month. The cycling season touches its peak during May, but the summer heat of July and August also give good cycling opportunities at the crack of dawn.

Mallorca receives thousands of professional and amateur cyclists, and holidaymakers throughout the year. Hey come here to enjoy the cycling trails on the island, its mild winters, warm sunshine and the beautiful colors of spring and autumn. Then there are a number of beautiful beaches at the edge of deep blue waters, undulating hills and mountains, and miles of flat stretches.

Almost all the professional European cycling teams can be found here engaged in their pre-training camps during the winter. The friendly climate on the island can be judged from the fact that it remains mildly cold even when Europe experiences extreme cold climate. For example, the beach resort of Alcudia is the winter training camp for most of the cycling teams because the weather here remains warm and dry.

When it comes to choosing your base, it should be determined on the type of cycling you want to engage in. Playa de Palma is another hot destination for Cycling holidays Spain / Mallorca. It is near Palma, the capital city and the airport. You would find most of the routes to be plain with just a few hilly climbs for those seeking challenging levels.